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Follow these instructions to acquire your textbooks.

To purchase your textbooks with a credit card or textbook voucher, or to view your book list...
1. Obtain your class schedule.
2. Obtain a textbook voucher if using financial aid.
4. Click "Buy" to view your book list or purchase textbooks.
5. If paying with credit card or simply viewing your book list, click "Let's Get Started" or...
6. If using a textbook voucher, click "Redeem It Here", then enter your full M# and your voucher number.
7. To view a complete list of courses, select "Show All Courses" on the bottom of the screen.
8. To view for a specific course, select the appropriate term, site, and course, then click "View Your Materials" at the bottom of the page.
9. Order books.

To rent your textbooks...
12. Click "RENT".
13. Enter ISBN number for the desired textbook.
14. Rent books and save big!

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